Jimmy became interested in Magic when he was 10 years old. He met Ed Marlo when he was 18 whom was the famous sleight of hand magician and prolific inventor of magic.  Jimmy studied with him intensely and became Ed Marlo’s closest friend until his death in 1991…over 30 years.

In 2003 Jimmy wrote “Art and Ardor At The Card Table” incorporating many of his original ideas in magic and collaborative efforts with Ed Marlo.

World-class magicians such as Dave Solomon and Jon Rackerbaumer amongst many others recognize his technical skills.

Jimmy dedicates his lifetime of magical efforts “to everyone seeking to improve and hone their sleight of hand skills, and stay the course that leads toward perfection”.

Jon Racherbaumer makes an analogy of Jimmy’s skill to athleticism…a natural with good instincts, good sense and good hands.

Dr. James Nuzzo (Jimmy Nuzzo) is a podiatric surgeon in the Chicago Suburban area. He is an expert in sleight of hand.  He has performed for Corporate events, medical conferences and private parties of celebrities and famous actors all over the world.

About Jimmy Nuzzo

The art of sleight of hand